AEGIS PERFORMANCE CENTER is a veteran owned company specializing in surface preparation and enhancement. We are committed to the advancement of ceramic-based hydrophobic coatings.  The Aegis Performance Center is located in Burlington, NC and proudly serves Greensboro, High Point, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas.  We do our best to provide excellent customer satisfaction, focusing on trust and integrity by delivering quality services for fair prices.  We are determined to propel the line of expectations and quality forward through continuous process improvement.

We utilize the newest technologies in hydrophobic (ceramic-based water repelling) treatments and powder coating to protect, personalize and enhance nearly any surface.  Aegis Performance Center is a certified applicator of both ProLine and Plasti-dip products.  Aegis Performance Center has a mobile dustless blaster and can clean, strip and prepare nearly any surface in almost any location,   Call today for more information: (844)737-3500.


Hydrophobic Ceramic Coatings

 The Aegis Performance Center offers appearance enhancing and protective coatings.  We specialize in hydrophobic coatings, which are protective coatings that repel water and oil.  Our coatings are transparent and can withstand extreme temperatures.  Though, only 1/10th the thickness of a note card. our coatings can protect your investments from damaging elements and UV rays.

A vehicle that has been coated by Aegis Performance Center can keep a showroom shine with little effort - No need for waxing or polishing!  Wash and go.

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Powder Coating

The Aegis Performance Center offers powder coating for all types of projects.  We obtain our powder from the most reputable companies and apply it in a controlled environment. Powder coating is very durable and can protect the substrate from scratch, dents, dings, marring and even rust.  We have powders that can provide a finish with a smooth shine or a flat texture.

From wheels and engine parts to lawn furniture, shelving and more, make The Aegis Performance Center your first stop for powder coating needs.

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Proline & Plasti-Dip

Aegis Performance Center is a registered applicator of Dip Your Car Plasti-Dip. Plasit-Dip is resistant to sun fading, winter ice, cold, and salt. It is a durable, yet removable substance that you can peel off when you're ready for a change.

Plasti-Dip allows to you customize the look of your vehicle for years or a weekend.  It can be used to protect a paint job or as a replacement for paint.  Maybe you want a new paint job on your car, but cost is a concern - Dip It!  Ready for a new look - Dip It! Perhaps you're taking your car to the track for the weekend and you're concerned about rocks chipping the paint, or tar/rubber sticking to it - Dip It! Want your car to change colors as the light hits it at different angles? - Yeah, Dip it!

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High-Temp Ceramics

Aegis Performance Center is a Cerakote applicator.  We apply high-temperature ceramic coatings (up to 1800 degrees F) to various substrates, including automotive headers, exhaust systems, firearms and more.

Cerakote High Temperature ceramic coatings is the industry leader in high temperature exhaust coatings.

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Dustless Blasting

The Aegis Performance Center offers blasting services to a variety of substrates including: steel, fiberglass, wood, aluminum and more. Dustless Blasting is the perfect tool for paint / rust removal & surface restoration.

It works by mixing water and abrasive inside the blast tank. Because the water reduces friction and prevents heat, there is no risk of warping. We use recycled bottle glass, which is more effective, cheaper, less harmful to the blasted surface and safer for the environment than traditional blasting media. Our blaster is mobile and can be taken
nearly anywhere.

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The Aegis Performance Center offers Hydro-dipping services also known as hydrographic printing, with hundreds of pattern options and paint combinations.

Hydro-dipping is a method of permanently applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces.  This process is extensively used to
decorate items that range from entire all-terrain vehicles and car parts, to small items like bike helmets or sporting equipment. Coatings can be applied to all types of substrates including plastic, fiberglass, wood, ceramics, and metal.

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Give Your Project a Personal Touch with Custom Finishes

In addition, our skilled technicians utilize water transfer printing and powder coating services to give you a unique automobile that you can be proud of. You own it, now make it yours.