Hydrophobic Ceramic Car Coatings in Burlington, NC

At Aegis Performance Center, our technicians are dedicated to providing customers with the most advanced automotive protections and decorative finishes available. Let us help you keep your vehicle in pristine condition for as long as possible by applying Aegis Armor hydrophobic coatings.

Hydrophobic Coatings Protect Your Automotive Investment

When applied to a car's paint, hydrophobic ceramic coatings provide a layer of protection that prevents dirt, water, chemicals, ultraviolet rays and acids from diminishing the paint job. They also protect your paint from other things like hard water spots, bird bombs, and bugs. It’s like Teflon for your vehicle.

Hydrophobic ceramic coatings enhance the luster and shine of your paint, creating a multi-level, 3D effect on most modern paintjobs. This shine will last! We offer permanent (5-year warranty) and semi-permanent (2-year warranty) coating solutions.

Prior to application, we encourage our customers to have paint correction performed on the vehicle.  As the coating is permanent, any imperfections in the vehicle's paint, will be enhanced by the coating.

When applied, Aegis Armor coatings increase the contact angle, making the surface slick. You can simply wipe dirt or dust away to return your car to a just-washed appearance. With our treatments, you can preserve your vehicle's look with minimal maintenance. Decrease the frequency between. When you do wash your car, it will take a fraction of the time you used to spend and then simply dry it off with a common leaf-blower or waffle-weave towel. That’s it! You’re done. No waxing, buffing, detailing spray or wheel cleaners.

Aegis Armor hydrophobic ceramic coatings can be used to protect a variety of surfaces from fading, weather / chemical damage, graffiti and more.  Here are some of the things we treat:

Automotive Paint       Marine Paint     Metal     Brick     Glass      Concrete     Porcelain     Plastic     Rubber     Wood     Leather    Stone