Paint Correction

Paint Correction by Aegis Performance Center in Burlington, NC

Because our ceramic, hydrophobic coatings enhance a vehicle's paint and provide permanent protection, we strongly encourage our customers to have paint correction performed before the coating is applied.

Your vehicle's paint is comprised of 3 basic layers:
- Primer
- Base coat (color)
- Clear Coat

Clear coat is applied over the paint to give it the shine and also to protect the base coat beneath it.  It is designed to be a sacrificial barrier between the elements and your base coat.  UV rays, weather, acids and even improper washing take a harsh toll on the clear coat.  These things cause loss of clarity / depth of the paint, scratches, water spots and scratches in the clear.

Paint correction is the removal of these improper surface defects by leveling the surface with proper polishing, compounding, and wet sanding techniques. Correcting the paint finish will remove haziness, dullness, oxidation, and contamination.

Paint Defect Types

After Paint Correction...

After the paint correction, Aegis Performance Center applies a base and top coat of their ceramic, hydrophobic coating.  This will protect the paint (even the clear) from marring, light scratches, acids and more.  You will never need to wax your vehicle again.