Plasti-Dip / Pro-Line

Aegis Performance Center is a registered applicator of Dip Your Car Plasti-Dip. Plasit-Dip is resistant to sun fading, winter ice, cold, and salt. It is a durable, yet removable substance that you can peel off when you're ready for a change.

Plasti-Dip allows to you customize the look of your vehicle for years or a weekend.  It can be used to protect a paint job or as a replacement for paint.  Maybe you want a new paint job on your car, but cost is a concern - Dip It!  Ready for a new look - Dip It! Perhaps you're taking your car to the track for the weekend and you're concerned about rocks chipping the paint, or tar/rubber sticking to it - Dip It! Want your car to change colors as the light hits it at different angles? - Yeah , Dip it!

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Plasti-dip pricing is determined by vehicle size, the time and customization of masking, materials and number of coats applied.

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